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A Quiet Protest is a collection of 14 gentle warriors who stand together in response to the current global trend of gradually abolishing Trans rights. Each ceramic figure represents a vulnerable micro-minority in our queer community. 

Progressive rainbow colours help the audience to identify individual figures as pan, trans, queer, gay, gender diverse, lesbian, non-binary, brotherboy and sistergirl. 

Together they stand tall and proud in a fight for recognition, offering an invitation to be celebrated for their diversity. 
A Quiet Protest introduces joy, hope and a sense of play as well as strength in unity. While many fabulous things have resulted in positive change in the lives of queer people today, as micro minorities we are still being targeted when we should be honoured for our courage and tenacity.

Reflecting the contemporary queer community, the figures are all age inclusive. They honour our rich history by wearing slogans worn on badges at queer protests in the 1980s and 1990s as seen on a recent visit to the Australian Queer Archives that declare: My body my choice, Love is love, Brother boys are beautiful, Lesbians are lovely and Kiss me I’m Pan,(Inspired by kiss me I'm gay).

The sculptures are individually hand made by myself, taking almost 200hrs collectively,  earthenware, underglaze and glaze, they stand varying heights 30-45 cm high, all with dual personas and varying body shapes and expressions to invite the viewers to think about how varied the Trans community is.  

A Quiet Protest was made in response after the anti Trans rally earlier last year in Melbourne where Nazi salutes were blatantly displayed on our steps of parliament. This sent a bone chilly fear through our community as Trans rights are being taken away daily across the world. The motivation to enter A Quiet Protest in The Midsumma Australia Post Awards was also spared on by the lack of recognition of historical Trans events in permanent collections of Institutions Australia wide.

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